Anya Clarke

ArTistic Director 

Born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Brooklyn, Anya Clarke is a practicing choreographer and dance artist. She received her BFA in Dance from Long Island University where she choreographed for the American College Dance Association. Throughout her career, Anya has worked with artists such as: Matthew Rushing, Sidra Bell, Ronald K. Brown, Earl Mosley, Clifton Brown, Alenka Cizmesija, and many more. Anya has shown her work at the Brooklyn Museum, Infinito Gallery, Williamsburgh Movement & Arts Center, and more. Anya is currently a Guest Teacher and Choreographer at Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts. She uses her performance and choreographic experience to cultivate MICHIYAYA movement. 


Artistic Director

Mitsuko Verdery is a New York bred performance, dance and visual artist. She received her BFA in Visual Art from Carnegie Mellon University along with a completion of the Independent Study program at the Alvin Ailey Dance School. Mitsuko has connected her training in visual art and dance to create her own movement-based performance art in the forms of live, video and photography work. She has shown her visual and performance work at the Brooklyn Museum, Andy Warhol Museum, Miller Gallery, BRIC Arts Media Gallery, Heath Gallery, among others. Mitsuko has worked with choreographers such as: Ronald K. Brown, Sidra Bell, Earl Mosley, Jacquyln Buglisi, Francesca Harper, and Alex Ketley. Mitsuko incorporates her visual and conceptual stories to create MICHIYAYA dialogues.