MICHIYAYA Dance is an all-women’s contemporary dance theater company based in New York City.

Co-founded in fall 2015 by Anya Clarke and Mitsuko Verdery, MICHIYAYA Dance merges the worlds of Clarke and Verdery’s backgrounds in dance and visual art.

Clarke, who has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Long Island University, calls on her experience in choreography, adding visceral and intuitive movement. Verdery, who has a bachelor of fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University, taps into her practice in performance and visual art, adding conceptually driven performative elements. Together, they produce collaborative and improvisation-based work with their dance artists.

MICHIYAYA Dance was awarded the 2016 first prize for Choreographic Excellence at the 11th Annual International REVERBdance Festival. They were recently featured in one of the newest collection of THINX, a women's period-proof underwear line.



Yale University
Brooklyn Museum
Baruch Performing Arts Center
Dixon Place
Manhattan Movement & Arts Center
CPR-Center for Performance Research
Infinito Gallery, among others.

MICHIYAYA Dance have taught master classes and workshops at Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts Summer Intensive, LEIMAY, and CPR. They were guest choreographers for LIU’s Dance Department in 2016. 

Michiyaya Dance is a very young company with impressive aspirations that they largely achieve. The dancers, the innovative staging, the complex issues tackled with grace—they all combine to produce work that is provocative and deeply felt."- Mary Kaye Schilling of Town & Country Magazine


The mission of MICHIYAYA Dance is to create interdisciplinary, provocative, improvisation-based work through a female empowering lens. As an all-women company, MICHIYAYA Dance strives to expands the scope of female expression using abstraction and non-conformity. Often focused on topics of individuality, dualities of human nature, and psychological trauma; MICHIYAYA Dance confronts uncomfortable issues that inspire questions. They engage and interconnect audiences; manifesting a strength in focus. MICHIYAYA Dance invents movement and visuals that are physical, raw, and involved.