MICHIYAYA Dance partnered with THINX on their Period-Proof Dancewear, their first activewear collection. We choreographed their first dance video on the four phases of the menstrual cycle along with a performance for their launch party of the line. 



Project V (5)


Project V (5) is a contemporary dance theater production exploring different forms of human touch, interaction and its effect on self identity. Project V focuses on five different states of being: neglect, manipulation, emulation, repercussion, and rehabilitation. In these states we examine various qualities of touch such as contact, impact, perception, and communication of both ourselves and the other.

Project V (5) was performed on March 5th and 6th, 2016 at the Center for Performance Research (CPR) 

Dance Artists Belinda Adam, Natsumi Sophia Bellali, Julia Discenza, Jacqueline Dugal, Núria Martin Fandos, Alana Ortiz, Marion Spencer, Blair Reavis-Tyler, Takako Yamanishi, Leal Zielińska
Musician/Composer Florent Ghys
Photos by Michael Discenza