Our goal as educators is to create a safe space for risk-taking, exploration, anD self-empowerment. Each session is directed towards understanding one’s personal style of movement. Once their style is developed; we focus on challenging habits and establishing intentions.


Artistic Directors Clarke and Verdery lead a dynamically physical and cerebral class. Class starts with an anatomically mindful warm-up inspired by Pilates and Yoga practices. Warm-up bleeds into improvisational research, both individually and as a group. MICHIYAYA repertoire is fused into class providing rich material for one's studies. Student’s are encouraged to make the choreography their own.


Jam Sessions and/or Movement Studies are improvisational sessions guided by Artistic Directors Clarke and Verdery. They start with a simple warm-up, followed by anatomical and imagery-driven prompts. Movers are encouraged to explore their natural movement and own bodies. These sessions serve as a safe space for people to gain self-awareness, build connections with others, and experiment. 


Montclair State University
Brooklyn Museum
Gibney Dance Center
Peridance Capezio Center
Dancing Grounds
Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts - Guest Masterclass Artists 2017+2016
Long Island University - 2016 Guest Choreographers