MICHIYAYA Dance Company, Inc. is fiscally sponsored by Unique Projects, Inc., a New York State not-for-profit 501(c)(3)organization administrated by Pentacle/DanceWorks, Inc. www.pentacle.org

If you would like to make a donation by check to MICHIYAYA Dance, the check must be written out to "Unique Projects, Inc." and mailed to: 
711 Amsterdam Ave. Suite 10G
New York, NY 10025

You can also become a monthly patron on our Patreon page! Consistent monthly support will help properly support our dance artists and multi-media collaborators. 



Andy and Kate Summers
Daniel and Linda Wood


Cailee Adamson
Deborah Baron
Joann and Philip Clarke
Jim and Janet D'Addario
Coral Dolphin
Paul Dunkel
Mollie Eliasof
Isabel and Samuel Figueroa
Chloe Foreht
Brian Kerwin
Barbara Lakota
Natalie Marrero
Kisha Marte
David and Becky Poll
Simon Powis
Rie Schmidt
Angela Tripi-Weiss
Ben Verdery
John Verdery
Katherine Verdery
Joanne Wysell


Emily Allan
Chloe Amighi
Scott Andrew
Sidra Bell
Maria Jose Fandos
Laura Conwesser
Issachar Dieng
Laurelle Favreau
Ann Feldman
Fran Flaherty
Itai Gruss
Ethan Jerrett
Inna Kofman
Michelle Mantia
Carmel Martin
Kianna Moye
Amber Ohiopekhai
Catherine and Daniel O'Sullivan
Nina Paulino
Rosa Perr
Randall Riley
Elsa Rosenberg
Asmaa Safsafi
Thorsten Shnell
Joe and Marylin Schwartz
Michele Semler
Masako Shigehisa
Wendy Stern
Mary-Ann Tu
Ariel Trzaskos
Elizabeth Van Cleve
Ashton Verdery
Donald Verdery
Margaret Verdery
Scott and Shelly Wilson